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Students: Internship & Job Opportunities

    POSTED ON MARCH 9, 2018

    STUDENTS: Internship & Job Opportunities – D128 50 By 50 Campaign

    Calling for Internship & Job Opportunities for High School Students

    50 by 50 campaign please fill out this quick form.

    D128 Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools thank you for your support. Last year, our pilot was a great success, we had 15 jobs posted, with more than 50% of internships from Industrial, Technical, Not-for-profit, and Healthcare!

    We are now expanding the program, and compiling internships for Summer of 2018 and also for Jobs during the rest of the year! We want to collect 50 internships in the next 50 days (by Mar 12, 2018)

    See the list of current jobs posted here.