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2020-2021 NISHRM Scholarship Recipient

    June 4, 2020

    Congratulations to our 2020-2021 NISHRM Eugene C. & Gertrude S. Ozag Scholarship Recipient:
    Rachel Rosenberg


    School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Major: Double major in Organizational Psychology and Communications with a Leadership Studies minor
    Degree working towards: Human Resource Management
    Expected graduation date: May 2022
    Honor’s Received:
    NISHRM Eugene C. and Gertrude S. Ozag Scholarship
    Dean’s List every semester (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020)
    Inducted into Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society
    Jewish Illini of the Week
    I am currently looking for internship opportunities for this summer (2020).
    Last summer (2019), I had the privilege of working as a Sales and Marketing Intern for a local company called Kidoodles, Inc. Over the course of the summer, I was able to grow and learn from the various opportunities and job tasks the company provided me. Parts of this internship included keeping updated inventory counts and managing sales records using QuickBooks, organizing merchandise supplies and workspaces to ensure an efficient workflow process and attending an Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group (EPWNG) meeting with the company owner. My employer set a great example of what it looks like to be passionate about the field that you are in and demonstrated the importance networking and customer care means to local businesses. Working for Kidoodles has made me more confident in a variety of skills and has opened my eyes to different sides of HR including recruiting, training, compensation and management.
    Why did you select HR as your career choice?
    I was originally attracted to my Psychology major as a way to learn more about human interactions and why we are each individually driven to behave the way we do. As my courses began to explore more topics, I became fascinated by employee motivation and satisfaction. Human Resources as a career has a plethora of different areas to explore that drastically change from company to company and have a large impact on the overall image of that company and their employees. The opportunities HR has to offer is seemingly limitless and is what, often times, helps a company operate smoothly. I chose to seek an HR degree to better any company I work for and ensure that employees feel their needs are being met in their job. I am interested in how to improve company processes and make employees feel motivated, excited and empowered by their work. HR is always a changing, evolving field of work in both the roles HR professionals hold and the company they work for. I hope to be challenged by the daily tasks my future job holds and use my creativity and problem-solving skills to improve any company by advocating for employees and focusing on employee relations.
    What area of HR interests me the most:
    I am very interested in employee motivation and satisfaction. I feel that these areas deeply reflect on a company and always have room for improvement. Seeing that I am double majoring in Organizational Psychology and Communications with a Leadership Studies minor, these topics are covered heavily in many of my classes and it is apparent how much emphasis needs to be placed on both of these issues and evaluated in every company. Evaluating on a personal level and on an organizational level what draws people in to work for companies and perform effectively is something I am very passionate about. I hope to make a difference in my future career by constantly advocating for employees and working tirelessly to feel their needs are being met by their career.
    Accomplishments I am most proud of:
    First, I am extremely honored to be receiving this NISHRM scholarship. I feel that this scholarship will provide numerous opportunities to learn from and work with HR professionals and open doors to future careers. I am part of an undergraduate SHRM chapter on the University of Illinois campus, but I am looking forward to networking with a wider range of people. Beyond this, my personal accomplishments include:

    • Academics: Academics have always been a priority to me. I have had the privilege of receiving an excellent education at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and have accomplished making Dean’s List every semester so far. In addition, I have been asked to join numerous Honors Societies due to my academic standing and have been inducted to Phi Eta Sigma honor society. As part of Phi Eta Sigma, I work alongside other high academic standing students to form study groups, volunteer in the community, and find others of similar career interests to network with.
    • Leadership and Philanthropy: I currently serve as the President of my sorority (Alpha Epsilon Phi). This role challenges me in a multitude of ways, provides numerous learning opportunities, and allows me to practice and demonstrate skills that will help me in future careers such as communication, public speaking, organization, and managing a team. I have been able to work under and with intelligent women that have guided me in my growth and are preparing me for a life after college. The leadership and professional workshops and philanthropic events I have been able to organize and attend on behalf of my chapter have made me feel confident in my ability to do right by chapter members and grow the organization we all love. This also relates to my community involvement with our campus Chabad, where I have been elected to serve on the executive board for two consecutive years. I am proud to be part of an organization that so deeply cares for all students long after their college days and provides a safe haven for anyone who needs it. My involvement in both AEPhi and Chabad have contributed to my identity as a student on campus and the skills I’ve obtained.