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Workplace Violence

    February 20, 2019

    On Friday, February 15, 2019, a disgruntled warehouse employee in Aurora, IL shot and killed three employees who attended the meeting where his employment was terminated, as well as two others who were nearby.  The terminated employee also wounded five police officers.  It is particularly sobering and sad to note the loss of the HR Manager and the HR Intern (his first day on the job) who were simply doing their jobs. 

    Click here for the presentation on workplace violence issues. All members are encouraged to review and update their workplace violence policies.  There is information and advice from a NISHRM presenter, Michael Crane, who addressed workplace violence issues to our members in 2017. 

    Listed below is a link to a copy of the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention ANSI Standard which Kathryn oversaw its creation in 2011 and is currently revising.  Michael is also in the process of creating an ANSI Active Assailant Standard that will be issued later this year.  This WPV standard is an excellent source as it provides everything needed to establish and include in a workplace violence prevention program.

    Also, Michael wrote the chapter, “Legal Considerations in the Management of Threats” in the book issued this year, Workplace Violence:  Issues in Threat Management, written by his friends and colleagues, Gene Rugala, retired chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (think Criminal Minds TV Show) and Dave Bixler and Christina Holbrook of Boeing’s Threat Management Unit – an outstanding guide for providing policies and procedures regarding workplace violence and threating behavior for HR, etc.  The book cover is available through Amazon.  The following link is the DHS Active Shooter preparedness link and contains information for HR.

    (  Michael is available to answer any questions or concerns that NISHRM members may have regarding their WPV policies and procedures, etc. 

    Michael's contact information is and