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    2021 NISHRM Membership:


    • COMPLIMENTARY/FREE attendance at all Virtual 2020 & 2021 Meetings, with purchase of annual membership.  (regular cost for Virtual Meetings: $10)
    • Access to all NISHRM Resources, with purchase of annual membership
    • Special Membership Rates for In-Person Meetings
    • Easy Annual Renewal Process, now in January each year


    • REDUCED Annual Membership Rate for 2021! Was: $95 Now: ONLY $75!!!
    • BEST DEAL: If you purchase 2 years of Membership, 2021 & 2022, pay only $140!!!
    • Membership Fees will be pro-rated if you are not due to renew in January.

    Annual Membership Offerings:

    Individual Professional Members


    Retired Member


    Corporate Professional Members (3)






    Board of Directors


    Meeting Prices:





    Board Members


    Employment Law Update




    8 Meetings per year (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov)


    2019 Membership Packages:


    Package Includes


    Individual Plus

    $95 (regular dues)

    + $240 (every meeting)

    = $335


    Corporate Plus

    $175 (3 person corp membership)

    + $720 (every meeting for 3 members)

    =  $895


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