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06/2020 Meetings & Events

    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 8 IL SHRM Leadership Conference Conference
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 3 An Interactive Approach to Conducting Workplace Investigations Meeting
    May 15 Harassment Conference Conference
    May 17 Coaching Through Change Webinar Webinar
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 17 SHRM 18 Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    July 2018
    Date Event Type
    July 17 NISHRM Networking Event-Connecting Recent College Grads/Students and NISHRM Members Meeting
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 24 MRA Diversity & Inclusion Event Seminar
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 6 #MeToo Meeting
    September 23 19th Annual Illinois HR Conference and Exposition Conference
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 11 Employee Retention Research-Insights for HR Professionals Meeting
    October 22 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 1 Developing and Leveraging Influence Meeting
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 6 Mental Health Issues in the Workplace Accommodations and HR/Legal Guidance Meeting
    January 2019
    Date Event Type
    January 4 CBO Internship Fair Meeting
    January 8 IL SHRM Leadership Conference Conference
    January 10 Stop Speaking HR - Start Speaking Business Results Meeting
    January 24 Upcoming Employment Law Update Program Conference
    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 7 HRMAC: Cross-Functional Future of Work: How to Get Buy-In and Support from Other Departments Networking Event
    February 14 Employment Law Update-Federal and State Conference
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 1 Protecting Your People from Workplace Violence: Safety and Security Strategies for the HR Professional (COMPLIMENTARY) Webinar
    March 7 Impact of the Opioid Epidemic Meeting
    March 19 Navigating Change with Emotional Intelligence Meeting
    March 29 2019 ILSHRM Student Conference Conference
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 4 The Science Behind Human Behavior: New Research Providing insight into Facial Features, etc. Meeting
    April 16 Exclusive Half Day Fiduciary Training Program Seminar
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 2 Legal Update Meeting
    June 2019
    Date Event Type
    June 6 HR Conference: Keep Calm and Let HR Navigate
    July 2019
    Date Event Type
    July 10 Achieving a Healthy Work Life Webinar
    August 2019
    Date Event Type
    August 22 Central IL SHRM Conference Conference
    September 2019
    Date Event Type
    September 5 Legal Update Meeting
    September 17 SHRM Diversity Webinar
    September 22 ILSHRM Strategic HR Conference Conference
    October 2019
    Date Event Type
    October 3 Securing Top Talent Ahead of the Next Hiring Explosion for the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor Meeting
    November 2019
    Date Event Type
    November 7 Preparing for a Department of Labor Review Meeting
    December 2019
    Date Event Type
    December 5 Working Through Change presented by Workplace Interactors Networking Event
    January 2020
    Date Event Type
    January 9 Behave Yourself: Accelerate Change Through Behavior Meeting
    February 2020
    Date Event Type
    February 6 2020 Legal Update, What's New in IL Employment Law | Sponsored by Peter G. Logothetis, MBA, CPC | Executive and Leadership Coach Meeting
    March 2020
    Date Event Type
    March 5 NISHRM Presents: Creative Problem Solving and Team Building with Team Up Events Meeting
    March 18 Special Education District of Lake County 12th Annual Career Portfolio Interviewing Conference Conference
    March 31 COVID-19 Updates and Employer FAQ Webinar
    April 2020
    Date Event Type
    April 2 TO BE RESCHEDULED: Hiring Someone with a Criminal Record: Setting Aside Long-Held Misperceptions Meeting
    April 2 Coronavirus, the Next Chapter: How the Economy and Business Will Be Impacted Webinar
    April 3 Responding to the Changing Coronavirus/ COVID19 Issues: Answers for Illinois Employers Webinar
    April 7 Accelerated Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program (ASEAP) Virtual Panel Discussion Webinar
    April 9 The continually evolving COVID-19 crisis is shaking businesses. As your partner in all things work, SHRM is coming together with leading experts to bring you critical updates and pr Webinar
    April 28 Bringing Your Internship Program Online Webinar
    May 2020
    Date Event Type
    May 7 Webinar:Recruiting & Retention Strategies During an Unprecedented Time Webinar
    July 2020
    Date Event Type
    July 21 2020 ILSHRM Virtual Strategic Conference Webinar