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Legal Update Materials

    Our legal update was packed with a great dialogue and important information about upcoming laws. 

    Recent new Illinois legislation, agency responses, and what has been keeping you up at night:

    •Sexual Harassment (IL #MeToo Key Amendments)

    •Revamp of Illinois Department Human Rights process and procedures

    •Marijuana in IL

    •Expense reimbursement of employees and Illinois DOL

    •Workplace Violence

    and what should be on your radar.      

    Here are links to the presentations from our panel. 

    Workplace Violation Prevention-Legal Update

    Marijuana and Work-Legal Update

    Legislative Update-Legal Update

    Thank you to our facilitator Kathryn Hartrick and the panel.

    Kristin M. Case | The Case Law Firm

    Jennifer Jones | Littler

    Rob Bernstein | Laner Muchin

    Elizabeth N. Hall | Vedder Price